The Process

Oh Whatever uses a lengthy multi-step process to give you beautiful and durable cabinets. All cabinet bases are painted by hand, and all the cabinet doors rolled and brushed to achieve a super durable and custom look.

  1. After removing the hardware we give your cabinets a good cleaning with a heavy duty degreaser. This creates a nice clean surface for us to start with. It’s all in the prep!
  2. Once we’ve removed all traces of dirt and dust we then degloss the surfaces, because we’re all about doing everything possible to make sure your paint job lasts as long as possible.
  3. Your cabinets will receive a minimum of 2 coats of color, to ensure as smooth and even a surface as possible.
  4. Distressing is an optional next step, which gives your cabinets a custom, hand-finished. Distressing on the natural edges of the cabinets brings out the dimension.
  5. Lastly, your hardware will be reinstalled and we’ll hang your doors.

Following this multi-step process helps us to give you a superior quality, beautiful, and hand crafted finish.